Recent Work

Sheffield based CAA certified drone pilots, for aerial filming,
photography and surveys.

A SUAS (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or “Drones” are now becoming common place for carrying out a variety of tasks in many industries. They allow the capture of elevated photographs and video from previously impossible heights and locations, and from the safety of the ground.

Breezevista Limited is a CAA approved company with an extensive Telecommunications background, which specialises in carrying out aerial and ground based surveys of potential new and existing sites and infrastructure, along with the creation of original and innovate style reports with content that puts the focus on the requirements of the Acquisition, Design and Construction teams.

Breezevista Limited has £5m public liability insurance for all aerial operations. Safety is considered to be of the highest importance when flying, so pre-planning, land owner permissions and on-site risk analysis are carried out prior to commencement of any aerial operation.

Generally, aerial operations are not carried out in poor weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet, or in strong winds (over 20mph).

Night time operations are possible, with prior preparation carried out during day light hours. Breezevista Limited has permission for aerial operations at night.

With any assignment, a desktop Risk Assessment will be completed by a qualified SUAS pilot, and the decision to proceed with the aerial work rests solely with the Pilot In Charge (PIC) on the day.

A Site Assessment will also be conducted on-site by the qualified SUAS pilot before agreeing to undertake any aerial operations, in order to identify any potential hazards or risks which were not captured on the desktop risk assessment.

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Our Process

Airspace check and cost estimate

We will evaluate the airspace around the location and determine whether the flight is feasible within the desired timeframe. During this stage, we advise you of any arrangements that must be made with air traffic or local authorities. Then we estimate our work cost based on travel time, duration of shooting, and post-processing time.

Client Expectations.

We make sure we understand what your expectations are, whether it’s photos, video or photogrammetry. We ask for shot lists, light considerations, and time-of-day requirements. We make sure we understand what your end-product needs to look like. For video and photography, we confirm resolutions, frame-rates, and file formats. For photogrammetry and surveying, we’ll make sure our final product can be exported in to a format usable by your preferred software. We may re-issue our cost estimate following this stage.

Site visit and contract agreement

When necessary, we will perform a site visit before the flight in order to scout out take-off and landing locations, and to plan around any potential problems. Once we’ve determined that we can perform the operation, we will enter into a contract with you.

Setup, operation, and post flight

We bring our equipment ready to work, but we must still perform a pre-flight inspection, including a short test flight, with each of our drones before operating, especially when operating near people. We calibrate our drones before each new section of the flight, to ensure the best possible performance and reliability. Before leaving the site, captured photos and video data will be checked for any potential issues that may arise during the capture process.


We use various applications for post-processing depending on the output required. If we’ve entered into a contract with you, we usually deliver the final product electronically. If there’s no contract, we will send the client watermarked proofs at a reduced resolution until payment has been processed.