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Aerial Photography & Film Making

We are based in Sheffield, South yorkshire. We are able to create innovative and engaging film production, complete with music and professional editing. Our services include aerial and ground based photography of a high standard, with many years of experience.

Drone Surveys

With a many years of experience within the Telecommunications Industry, BreezeVista specialises in the use of aerial photography to carry out site surveys, and produce visually descriptive reports essential for planning and installation work. Types of surveys include site suitability surveys, Line Of Sight (LOS) surveys, Panoramic photos and 3D spatial data models (point cloud).

CAA Approved Pilots

BreezeVista only uses pilots who are qualified and have current CAA Permit For Aerial Work certification, with accompanying insurance cover. Please note, our services are currently only provided within the UK.

Sheffield based CAA certified drone pilots, for aerial filming,
photography and surveys.

Drones are more formally known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). A pilot cannot fly a UAV directly over people, roads or buildings which have not been given permission from the person and/or landowner. UAVs can fly directly over or near to people who are deemed “under control” – for example, actors, presenters, extras. They would need to be safety briefed and aware that they are going to be filmed by a UAV. UAVs can fly up to 400ft (restricted air space starts at 500ft).

Sub 7Kg rig UAV cannot fly within 50 metres of a property, road, members of the public where the landowner has not given permission for filming. The pilots may be required to contact air traffic control when flying near to an airport or aerodrome, so that the UAV can operated safely a certain height on a specified date and time.

UAV’s are generally not flown in poor weather conditions i.e. rain, drizzle, snow, sleet, or in strong winds (over 20mph). UAVs cannot be flown at night (or out of daylight hours) unless the UAV pilot has special permissions for night time flying. Using a UAV to record images of other people without their consent could be construed as a breach of the Data Protection Act or the CCTV Code of Practice which was recently extended to include public use of UAVs where they are collecting information about individuals. A site assessment should be conducted by the qualified UAV pilot in charge before agreeing to undertake aerial work.

A risk assessment must be carried out by the qualified UAV Pilot in charge, and the decision to carry out the aerial work rests with the pilot.

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